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Common Grounds: Doing it for the Kids

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Common Grounds Cafe Has Launched A Fab New Kids Menu

Common Grounds has always been the place to go for mamas in need of a coffee buzz. But now, as well as having (arguably) the best beans in the business, they’ve launched a new all singing all dancing kids’ menu too. Sassy’s junior recruits (anything for a day out of the office, eh?) popped along to the launch and gave the food and drinks two enthusiastic thumbs up (we heard ‘more milkshake mama’ all the way home). And from a mama point of view, no longer having to pay full price for a half-eaten meal means that taking your kiddo along for a bite to eat while you drink all that caffeine you need to get through the day is more than ok!


Kiddos can choose from a full range of the breakfasts that Common Grounds is famous for, which means that at last they might stop pinching yours – seriously, why does someone else’s food always taste better? Little hipsters (and their mamas) will love the child-sized acai bowls (tip: our picky eater wasn’t that keen until she loaded the bowl up with the berries, banana and granola toppings available – then she couldn’t get enough of this super superfood!), while the sweet-toothed (er, so everyone then!) will crush on the monkey toast with maple banana, peanut butter, and grilled marshmallows. That’s some breakfast club.


Lunch options follow the standard kid-friendly format – pizza, burgers and mac ‘n cheese, all of which went down well. Slightly more adventurous mini-me’s and their mamas (or those who are simply looking for something they might not be able to make at home) will be pleasantly surprised to find chicken parmi and seared sea bass on the menu.


All wrapped up with friendly, helpful staff, the standard colouring mat and pens and a decent cup of joe for mama. We’ll drink (a lot of coffee) to that.

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