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2 Easy Ways to Create Even More Magic This Week

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These 2 Websites/Apps are Guaranteed to Make Magic

This time of year is all about creating magic. I love the excitement, the fact that my kids are attempting to be on their best behaviour so as not to jeopardise their place on Santa’s ‘nice’ list (although their idea of best behaviour and mine is very different), lots of family time, lots of food and the countdown to the BIG DAY! With kids who very much believe in Father Christmas I want to maximize on the magic for as long as possible! In addition to putting out the mince pies and treats on Christmas Eve, there are 2 amazing apps that can help put even more sparkle into the festive season.


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Portable North Pole

This awesome website/app allows you to create video messages from Santa to your kids, using information that you ‘plug’ in (their name, photo, details of the ‘thing’ they’ve been working on this year – i.e being kind to their brother/sister plus a hint at what might be in their stocking if they’re good!). There are various video options so if you have more than 1 kiddo you can choose different ones for each – and you can also decide if the children are currently on Santa’s ‘naughty, ‘nice’ or ‘not sure yet’ list. But be warned, I put my little boy Arthur on the ‘undecided’ list last year after a bout of bad behaviour and the look on his face plus seeing his bottom lip tremble and big tears in his eyes will stay with me forever – massive mama fail! You can also get personalised phone calls from Santa plus games, ornaments and books.


Capture The Magic

How about showing a very realistic picture of Santa delivering his gifts in your home to the kids? This amazing app allows you to do just that, merging a sticker of the big man himself with your pictures to create magic – my 3 were absolutely convinced that I had caught him in the act! Simply take a photo of the area as it will look on Christmas Eve for Santa then follow the prompts to upload to their website for editing – so easy. This year I’m going for reindeer outside the house – can’t wait to see their little faces.

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