10 Apr‘18

Moving Forward: Parenting After Separation

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Separation is never easy and co-parenting can be overwhelming, often leaving parents feeling unrecognized and children feeling ‘caught in the middle’. If this you, mamas the join this workshop where they will lay down the basics to help you overcome barriers and learn skills for effective single or co-parenting.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about active partnership in child care and managing expectations from ex-partners
  • Practice effective and constructive communication on what matters most to you
  • Discuss common goals for your children and how to implement them

At the same time, Malak Kamel will lead a discussion about:

  • The impact of parental conflict on children’s well-being and the dangers of parental alienation
  • Children’s coping mechanisms, both healthy and harmful, when dealing with parental conflict
  • Adapting to change and moving forward, individually and as co-parents

The workshop aims to provide a safe space of openness, respect, and confidentiality, during which will hear examples and perspectives from others, allowing you to receive the support you need and to speak freely about what matters most to you.

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Event Price

AED 250 per person

Event Location

Dr. Sarah Rasmi Wellness Centre
HDS Tower # 403, Cluster F, JLT Dubai