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A Chilled Out Dinner Date at Pizza Express

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Pizza Followed by A Movie: It’s A Win/Win

It was the day before my birthday, we had a late night movie planned and I was not in the mood to cook (you know the feeling, mamas!). So I coaxed my husband to treat me to a good meal before the movie (not that he needed much coaxing as we’d already settled on his fave quick pizza option). So I and husband landed at Pizza Express, IBN Battuta Mall, for our impromptu quick dinner date (which turned into a 3-course meal, so much for a quick meal).


Unlike most of the food joints at Batuta Mall this one is spacious and bright. The interiors are mostly red with hues of black. As we sat down for our evening we were presented with a special summer drinks menu and started our evening with the Cucumber & Basil Cooler from the limited edition summer thirst quenching refreshers, garlic bread, and oven baked Calamari rings. The Cucumber & Basil cooler is exactly what I needed after the walk in the heat from the parking spot followed by the melt in your mouth mozzarella garlic bread. The baked Calamari rings were a good choice too and came with a tartar sauce (less oily and healthy compared to its fried counterpart) and were so delicious that they lasted all of about 15 seconds…


We opted for the Pollo Fozra from the Romana pizza section of the menu (the larger, thinner, crispier base pizzas, inspired by pizzas from Rome). I personally love this pizza because it is a tad bit spicy and when combined with sweet peppers, paprika chicken and cheese all drizzled with chilli oil makes it divine.


At this, point having eaten our fill we were set to end our meal, but the manager insisted we try their Chocolate Fudge Cake (there’s always room for some chocolate right mamas!?). We were a bit disappointed when the waiter informed us they didn’t have Vanilla Ice cream (especially when it was recommended to us) but other than this teeny glitch, our meal at Pizza Express had been delicious and the perfect beginning to our date night.

After a long day at the mall if you and your littles are looking for some place to grab a hearty meal, this the place for you. Or if, like me, you’re looking to escape the kitchen for a night, then order in or coax your husband to take you on an impromptu dinner date (if he’s anything like mine, he won’t say no to pizza). 


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