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Bespoke Learning Options for Every Child: iCademy Dubai

iCademy: American curriculum in Dubai
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Home-schooling and flexible learning

Ever considered home-schooling, mama? Or just keen to supplement your kiddo’s learning with a little bit extra? iCademy Middle East is an accredited, private online American curriculum school for students in Kindergarten through to Grade 12 that combines all of the benefits of the best schooling (resources, instruction and fab teachers) with flexibility (individual support and a learn-from-home option that includes all the support and tools you need).

Intrigued? Yup, so are we. And how about if we tell you that their award-winning, online-based programs, real-time instruction and hands-on material are all personalised to each students strengths and abilities, allowing each petit pupil to focus on what they love and want to pursue, while encouraging development in any areas that need a bit of support.

This awesome learning model can be studied at home, in the iCademy Learning Center in Dubai Knowledge Village or at one of their partner Learning Centers (if you’re not sure that home-based schooling will suit your littles). And the best thing? This is education that’s accessible to all, regardless of geographic, financial or demographic circumstances; it’s about giving every child the opportunity to achieve and we say a huge hooray to that.

Not only is this a more affordable way of getting your kiddos through school but also a very effective one, with teacher to student ratios much lower than at most places and several start dates available throughout the year (perfect for families who move to the UAE mid-term).

The only online K12 school accredited by KHDA, the programme also welcomes children with learning difficulties through assessments and appropriate instruction to help them develop – all with the amazing support of learning coaches. Sound good? We think so. There’s even a Summer School available if you have some super keen beans at home or need to make up extra credits (or even take re-sits – we’ve all done it). Here’s to bespoke learning, mamas!

Want to find out more? Visit or call +971 4 440 1212.

Brought to you in partnership with iCademy Middle East

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