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Malaak’s Sleep Training Consultants To The Rescue!

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Goodnight, sleep tight!

Struggling to keep your eyes open through the day, mamas? We get it – and we know that missing out on necessary pillow-time is NOT fun. But, what do you do when it’s 4am and your little darling decides that it’s time to wake the neighbours? When every nursery rhyme has been tried and tested (“go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep screaming baby…”), and it looks like you’re losing the singing competition shrieking battle. That makes the total score, baby: 158, you: 0.

When you’re running on six two hours sleep, and those daily hallucinations are getting borderline dangerous, you know it’s time to bring in the experts… Yes, we’re talking about Malaak’s sleep training consultants a.k.a Mama’s Angels. These geniuses are Dubai’s very first Health Authority-licensed maternity nursing agency, providing maternity nurses and babysitters, as well as a whole lot of love and support!

By helping your bub get to sleep, and stay asleep throughout the night, they are ultimately, helping us to stay sane. Obviously, we’re huge fans! As true professionals, they know that each mama has different needs, so they tailor sleep training techniques to your preferences! This hands-on approach is just what an exhausted, delusional parent needs to feel (slightly) ‘normal’ again. And don’t worry how old your tot is – Malaak says it’s never too late to start sleep training (phew!). From teaching you the do’s (do create a night time routine), and don’ts (don’t start training if they’re not feeling well) – all we want to know now is: where do we sign up?!

So, here comes the burning question, (followed by the burning desire to close your eyes): how long does it take to solve sleep issues? Well, we have good news, mamas – it can take as little as one to two weeks to see signs of permanent progress. Although some methods take a tad more patience, you can be sure you’re getting top quality, customised care throughout.

Time for Malaak to work their magic, and time for you to get some rest, mamas – you deserve it!

For bookings, email or call 04-4538164/052-6442318.

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