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Mamas’ Five Day Juice Cleanse

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For mamas feeling exhausted, lackluster and who find themselves permanently googling ‘best botox in Dubai’- before you give up hope completely, how about a little reboot for your body? And guess what, we know just the peeps to help you with that! Essentially is the juice cleanse guru in town and they mean (raw) business! Although the thought of going off solids does seem a bit scary, one our Sassy Mamas decided to take on the Essentially 5-day juice cleanse to see what the fuss is about…

First of all, be prepared to drink only juice, herbal tea and water for five (or three if you choose that option) whole days. No solids, no snacking and no cheating – duh! Now, on to the cleanse itself:


The evening before our cleanse started, two cooler bags with six juices in each for our first two days were delivered – it’s all about keeping it fresh mamas! You are allowed six juices per day with a nice mix of fruit and veggie ones. None of them is completely one or the other, which makes them less sugar-packed and so darn good for you .The evening nutmilk is to-diefor– seriously- plus fills you up well enough for a good night’s sleep. All of the Essentially juices are cold-pressed which means you get on average 2 kgs of fresh produce per bottle(!) There is no way you could down that many veggies the old-fashioned way in one meal! Verdict day one- juicing seemed easy as pie (which you are NOT supposed to eat by the way).

The second day however was more of a challenge with a lingering headache and feeling a bit weak. That is all to be expected during a cleanse but it’s good to be reminded of it beforehand in order to prepare yourself. Thankfully the juices are designed by a nutritionist with the right mix of nutrients to keep you from feeling hungry and in need of raiding the fridge every 5 minutes.

By day three and four your body has adjusted well and you start feeling really energized and “with it” (if you know what we mean). Honestly, on the last day when we got the “It’s your last Essentially Cleanse day! You did it!” email we didn’t even feel tempted to do a junk food drive-by (promise). It’s now been a week since going off the cleanse, and we’ve definitely lost a few tough pounds around the waist and it does do wonders for your complexion (general redness and dryness cleared up after just two days).


Doing a cleanse is an excellent way to give your hardworking system a much needed vacation and definitely the best way to kick-start a healthy habit. And that in turn helps your body focus on other things like rejuvenating and recharging. (Yes please!) Best of all? You will sleep amazingly well, which really is the best reward any mama can get.

Come on. Just juice, ok mamas?

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