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Top Tips Before Moving House in Dubai

Moving House In Dubai
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Tips For An Easier House Move

Moving is one of the most stressful things we do in life and it’s something we tend to do a fair bit in Dubai. Your agent should be amazing and not an expensive irritation, says Harry Tregoning, Sassy Dad and Managing Partner at Tregoning Property, as he gives us the stepping-stones to moving into our dream home. Here’s to making it less stressful!

Get your timings right…

If you live here already make sure you know your notice period and abide by the agreement. Typically it is best to look a fortnight before you move but if this feels too risky start a little earlier. The reason for this is that landlords usually will allow you a fortnight from signing the contract to moving in. Once an agreement has been reached it usually takes less than 24 hours to sign the contract and you are then locked in. Once the contract is signed it is a matter of getting everything ready and moving in and this could be as soon as the next day or after a fortnight. DEWA can be connected in a day and Etisalat allow 48 hours to get going.

Get yourself an ace agent…

A good agent will work seamless magic; find properties you didn’t know existed, and ones that are perfect for you. It is vital to find an agent that specialises in an area, knows the local landlords and the local amenities inside out. Personally, I live in Umm Suqeim and specialise in Umm Suqeim and Jumeirah. Living and working in the neighbourhood enables me to provide a much fuller picture. However, not everyone choses to live in the same place and my team concentrate on other parts of Dubai to ensure we can assist professionally in other areas, too.

Have a good idea of what you're looking for in a new home

… That meets the brief

It’s our job to meet your brief and find you a home that you love. Let your agent know your budget and wishlist and they should swiftly transform this into properties to see, or work relentlessly to find some. If an agent is not listening to you or showing you things you think they’d like to rent rather than you, move on.

… That successfully negotiates

You’ve seen your dream home but are actually allergic to the avocado bathroom tiling? An agent worth their salt will have a strong relationship with landlords and know who is prepared to re-tile and who will always resist. Your chosen agent is your secret weapon and should be able to swiftly negotiate on your behalf and remove stress from your moving process.

When you find your perfect choice go for it! Good properties move quickly and many villas are on the market with multiple agents.

Take inspiration from anywhere for your home

… That makes the admin as pain-free as possible

There is a certain amount of admin to complete and this is unavoidable, but also exciting as it locks in your new home. Your agent should fully guide and oversee this process. Everyone has to pay a security deposit, typically 5%. DO make sure you have seen the Title Deed before you write cheques, which should always be written to the person listed as the owner unless there is a supporting Power Of Attorney. Between them, the landlord and agent will prepare the contract and then the cheques will be exchanged. You will be required to sign the contract first, followed by the owner. Some landlords will then issue the EJARI and others will insist you do it yourself and your agent can help with this, too.

Make sure your new home really is a sweet one

… That makes snagging seamless

When you are ready to move, ensure you have your snagging list at the ready and that your agent lets you know who will undertake this work. Liaise with your agent and the head of maintenance to make sure that the house is in the order you expect. Be firm about what you want as it is hard to revisit once you are in the property. If you follow these guidelines you are sure to find a good home and as every husband knows happy wife equals happy life…(we’ll raise a glass to that Harry!)

Want to know what your dirhams will get you these days? Here’s Harry’s mini guide…

AED 120,000 – entry point for Springs two bed villa – perfect family starter villa – people that need stairs and a gardener in their life!
AED 140,000 – two bed apartment in Damac Waves, Marina – young couple maybe with a baby with a room for friends to stay in. Not good for vertigo sufferers.
AED 200,000 – starting price for decent villas in Umm Suqeim & Jumeirah – older stock but ideal to be close to those schools and nurseries in nappy valley.
AED 240,000 – three bed villa  in Desert Palm – ideal for those who’s children are growing up and they want to ride a pony or live in a natural paradise.
AED 250,000 – Good five bed Jumeirah 3 compound villa – family really well established now in Jumeirah and you can walk home from DOSC.
AED 300,000 – starting price for four bed villa in Hattan, The Lakes – this is meant to be Bankers alley and the villas are priced accordingly.
Over AED 400,000 – you can get quite a mansion in many places particularly Al Barsha and start considering living the dream on the Palm.

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