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A Multilingual Pre-School? Tell Us More…

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Here’s Why Multilingual Might Be Best

There are hundreds of nurseries and pre-schools out there, mamas – but we think it’s pretty easy to pick a good one based on a few simple criteria. First up? Languages. We live in a multicultural city and our little kindergarten kids are the perfect age for soaking up the lingo so why not get them started early? (btw studies prove that being bilingual benefits the brain….). The Children’s Garden Barsha (TCGB) is one of Taaleem’s multilingual kindergarten, nursery, and pre-schools that provides a caring, friendly and fun environment for 2-6 year olds. And here’s the thing. TCGB offers a completely multilingual learning structure with classes in English, Arabic and French too.


In a world where cultural awareness and internationalism is SO important, TCGB has an ethos that’s just right, helping our kiddos develop communication tools and an understanding of the world beyond their own. Perfect.


Classes are taught mainly in English and supported by French and Arabic language options that go beyond the norm, allowing each pupil to pick up that all-important early appreciation of languages. And there’s more. With facilities including a library (or ‘Room Of Knowledge’ which encourages curiosity), art studio, water park, climbing frames, sand pit, shaded play areas, indoor gym, music and movement room, sensory room AND STEAM Room (nope, we don’t mean the post-workout kind but rather a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math area), this lovely little pre-school ticks all the boxes.


Anything which helps our children grow into well-rounded, multicultural and tolerant little people gets our seal of approval, and The Children’s Garden Barsha is just the place to get them started.


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