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Safety First! The Ultimate Kiddo Proof Pool Covers

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There’s nothing we value more than our kiddos safety. We gate the stairs, cushion sharp corners and plug in wall sockets to keep them from danger.

And one of our biggest fears? Making sure that the swimming pool is kept out of bounds during non-supervised swim time. If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool mamas then listen up – PoolLock is a fab company that provides safety covers for all types of swimming pool, whether you’ve got a plunge or Olympic style version.

Dedicated to keeping your family safe, PoolLock’s huge range of covers are produced in Europe, made of the highest quality materials and designed for all pool types, shapes and budgets. Think a fence is enough to keep your mini people away from the water? Think again mamas. Gates can be left open and we all know what great climbers our curious little adventurers can be. A proper pool cover – and we’re talking the ULTIMATE completely kiddo proof type – is the only way to really keep your mind at ease and your children protected.

And how about if we told you that a PoolLock cover can also save you money, time and energy by keeping dirt, leaves and other icky stuff out of the water, meaning less need for nasty chemicals plus temperature conservation that will reduce operating costs of a heat pump during winter months. Hooray!

PoolLock - Baby

Super easy to use, the automatic cover is operated by turning a key switch – zero hassle and fuss and super easy to use by you, hubby or your helper. Once the pool is closed and the key is removed, the swimming pool is 100% safe and there is absolutely NO access to water – and as mamas we like things that are mega safe right? And oh, PoolLock works using a hydraulic system so there won’t be any electricity near the pool. See? We told you- safe!
So come on mamas, get a cover on that pool!

Get in touch with the lovely guys at PoolLock for more information at (+971) (0)55 602 5183 or (+971) (0)50 463 9849.

* Covers take 4-8 weeks to manufacture and install

PoolLock, (+971) (0)55 602 5183, (+971) (0)50 463 9849,

Brought to you in partnership with PoolLock

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