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Release Your Mini Rock Climbers at Adventure HQ

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I sometimes hear mamas complaining about how their little ones are climbing the walls at home – full of energy and desperate to expel it within 4 walls that cannot be climbed – not through lack of trying! But what if I told you I know the perfect place for your kids to actually climb the walls, be looked after by somebody else (hallelujah!) AND wear protective clothing. Mamas of over/hyper/mega-active/curious little ones (so that’s most of us then!), this one is for you!

Release Your Mini Rock Climbers at Adventure HQ

The downside of outdoor playgrounds is that they are outdoors; full of sand, dirt, balmy weather and a lack of clean toilets. And as much as my little ones love colourful and fancy playroom visits, there is something to be said for good old climbing frames and real, wholesome physical activityAdventure HQ by Adventure Zone offers just that, but in a temperature-controlled environment. An adventure seekers candy store, the place is colourful, bright and crammed full of areas to scale, jump, climb and leap in. We (myself and my mama companion included) couldn’t wait to get started!

Release Your Mini Rock Climbers at Adventure HQ

There’s even decent coffee plus a mandatory helmet and safety harness for the kiddies at all times. This means that the kids run around like lunatics, believing they’re taking a “walk on the wild side” when we really know that they’re completely protected in a safety harness. Love.

Release Your Mini Rock Climbers at Adventure HQ

Adventure HQ is suitable from 4 years and up to make sure they’re secure while scaling the walls like itsy bitsy spiders. However, all kids – provided they are over 90cm – are welcome and our 3 year olds were very happy on all the equipment closer to the ground – walking along beams, tackling stepping stones and climbing rope walls always with a cheerful staff member at their side to help. So what exactly is inside? Imagine a two-story playground where the lower, safer level offers just enough excitement to keep the little ones going. We’re talking a hanging swing-bridge, mini cable slider and the classic- but seriously challenging-climbing frame made out of ropes.

Release Your Mini Rock Climbers at Adventure HQ

Once the kids are strapped into their harness, they can literally go round and round until somebody unstraps them (hehe). For the slightly older kids and mamas looking to take a ride in the sky, you’ve got the upper circuit where you get to balance on ropes, balance on a sliding skateboard and swing from platform to platform. Tarzan’s got nothing on this mama!


The walls surrounding the adventure playground are all proper climbing walls, some easier than others but all of them seriously fun and great exercise. I’m actually planning a return trip -sans kids -to further my climbing skills! The minimum weight limit for climbing is 15kg, obviously not a problem for mama, but worth keeping in mind for the little ones. That being said, I’d be surprised if any below 5-years old has the coordination and strength to climb properly- 15kg or not.

If you need to catch your breath, gander at your little monkeys or just feel like a quick caffeine fix there is a little café next to the action with surprisingly good coffee. And want to know something really cool? They are soon opening a mini cycle track outdoor just at the back where future freestylers will be able to try out their tricks. We are seriously pumped (and a little afraid)!

We have to give a special mention to the Adventure HQ staff who were amazing with the kiddos – thank you! A must try for any adventurous tots – plus mama gets a go too! Do it!

Open 10am – 10pm Saturday to Wednesday and 10am – midnight Thursday – Friday (in case  a little evening climbing sans enfants tempts you!)

Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ, The Galleria Mall, Jumeirah Beach (Al Wasl Road), Dubai
(+971) (0)80 022 5544,

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