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Sassy Mama Visits: Jumeirah Beach Centre

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JBC_DCGThere are quite a few places in the City of Gold that us mamas tend to drive past almost daily without ever quite knowing what they are all about. Well, Sassy Mama is going to solve the mystery of some of these places for you, starting with the Jumeirah Beach Centre, the slightly sad and dated-looking blue little shopping mall on Jumeirah Beach Road (close to Dubai zoo).

Now, why would I ever want to go there some of you may wonder? Well, what if I told you they have some of the best arts and crafts supplies in town, a great dry cleaner and high quality cut flowers at affordable prices? There are a few hidden treasures waiting to be found in this blue bunker and we want you to know about them!

The main reason for my visits to JBC are the arts and crafts stores White Star Wasco. There are 3 separate stores inside; 1 for painting supplies, 1 for party supplies and 1 for general arts and crafts. I wouldn’t say that the prices are super cheap but the selection is excellent! And if you’re into Melissa and Doug stuff, these guys have a lot! Stickers, papers, pens, glitter and glue plus scrapbooking supplies en masse. Stock up here and you’ll have happy and busy little creative people at home.

White Star Wasco
Tel: (+971) (0)4 344 6628

On the first floor is Zaks Jumeirah, where mamas can pick up school uniforms for Kings, JPS, GEMS Wellington, and JESS to mention a few. The mandatory iron-on tags are also available.  And should bribery be required in order to get little pupils to try on and be patient, there is a Baskin Robbins on the ground floor. 

Tel: (+971) (0)4 342 9828

For the times when mama has found herself invited to a costume party (God forbid), Mystique Costumes is a great place to pick out the full gear. The shop is loaded to the brim with costumes and accessories for women and men alike. Pick out a French Maid outfit for the “party” you’ve been invited to perhaps? You know what we’re talking about mamas!

Mystique Costumes
Tel: (+971) (0)4 349 4719

Need more options, or realize that they are all out of vampire teeth at Mystique? There is also the slightly smaller Party Zone store that also has a good selection of costumes, wigs and other accessories – perfect for kiddie parties and our go-to for Halloween.

Party Zone
Tel: (+971) (0)4 344 8464

After a fair bit of trial and error when it comes to dry cleaning, we can definitely recommend Queens Press Laundry located on the ground floor. Several of our mamas in the area go here and get their frocks renovated after a big night out. Good and quick service at decent prices. What else can you ask for? 

Queens Press Laundry
Tel: (+971) (0)4 349 7342

Just across from Queens Laundry is the Flower Sweet Hut where mamas who know a thing or two about fresh cut flowers line up. Their lilies are of excellent quality, won’t go from bud to grave in two days and are (only) AED 12 each. Beat that if you can Spinneys…

Flower Sweet Hut
Tel: (+971) (0)4 349 8898

Sammach Fish Restaurant
Not the fanciest place in town but this Lebanese fish restaurant serves up some great value, yummy seafood in a mega chilled environment. Perhaps not our top pick for date night, but you got to love a place where you can dig in wholeheartedly with your fingers and enjoy a plate of lovely shrimps and nobody will bat an eyelid.

Sammach Fish Restaurant
Tel: (+971)(0)4 349 4140

Psst… If you are in a hurry or need a quick junk food fix, JBP hosts a Home of the Whopper right at the entrance. Sometimes nothing else will do.

There you go mamas, now you know what is inside and what’s worth stopping by for!


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