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A Tea With Magic Powers (Honestly…)

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Start Right. Feel Active. Enjoy the Taste of Namastea, It’s A Hug In A Mug

Feeling sluggish? Finding it extra difficult to get out of bed in the morning? We hear you, mama! Add to that a serious dependency on caffeine first thing to help us kick-start our day and we’re left feeling a big ugh. But seriously, what’s the alternative? We’ve found one and it’s called Namastea – a magic tea which revives and restores (we all know that a good cuppa can solve so many things and this one is extra specially brilliant.)


Namastea is a young and new tea brand based in the UAE on a mission to promote a healthier lifestyle based on yoga philosophy. The Good Morning blend is curated specially to boost your mama power early in the day (when we are forced to operate on Super human mode while our brains are still asleeep). This is where this blend helps – as it provides a steady boost of energy throughout the day plus all the benefits that a mama gets from coffee. The blend is carefully curated and balanced with a high concentration of caffeine combined with antioxidants and health benefits that comes with it being 100% natural and GMO free. All this minus the guilt and sluggishness that comes after the caffeine effect wears off, helping mamas stay energetic all day long in a healthy way. We love!

Further to get the full range of benefits associated with drinking tea – select from any of their nine different blends including black tea, green tea and infusions all specially blended to help one tackle every day challenges. What makes Namastea so special is the fact that each tea has targeted benefits (be it health, harmony or relaxation) and are meant to be consumed at different times of the day helping a mama be active and fully functioning for everything from the school run to the office to the supermarket and all the other million things we all do on a daily basis. Sound like your cup of tea? It definitely gets our vote.


Ready to start the par-tea early in the day, mamas? All Namastea products are currently available for sale on their website And they deliver all across UAE. One less hassle of going to the store, hooray!

All Sassy Mama readers get an exclusive discount of 20% and to redeem the discount enter the coupon code MOTHERPOWER at check out. The coupon will be valid for a period of 3 months from 1 March to 31 May, 2018.

This post is in brought to you in partnership with Namastea.

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