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Best Buggys: Mountain Buggy Nano V2 vs Babyzen Yoyo+

Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo
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The Battle Of The Buggys!

In 15 days time I’ll be travelling long-haul with my 3, 4 and 5 year olds – alone. Gulp. The actual flight will be fine (famous last words) but trying to manage the kids through the airport and then off the plane when they’re tired and full of the snacks I’ve bribed them with is a whole other story. Let’s just say that my three are very independent little people in many ways but who have also got a little too used to having everything done for them (my bad) – so carrying all the toys and paraphernalia they insist on bringing on board plus stopping them from running in three different directions will be a challenge! If you see a mad looking woman trying to control a lively bunch of kids at Terminal 3, that’ll be me.

The answer? To invest in a buggy to make the whole process easier (and so that one of them can be strapped in and bags sorted). Mamas worldwide have raved about the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 and the Babyzen Yoyo+ – both of which have improved since last year and can fold up so teeny tiny that the airlines are happy for them to come on board as hand luggage and be stowed in the overhead locker (AMAZING!). But which is better? I spoke to the experts at Babysouk (who stock both) for the lowdown…

Babyzen Yoyo Dubai

First up, both strollers are super light so you won’t be struggling to lug them around or heave them into that overhead space – the Nano weighs in at 6kg and the Yoyo at 6.2kg – mega bonus. And then there’s their size when folded. The Yoyo is very slightly smaller but that’s because the Nano has a deeper seat and higher back (better to accommodate older kids…). If you want to attach a carseat, the Nano is ready for one to be clipped on (no need to buy additional adapters) whereas you do need to get the credit card out again for Yoyo adapters – and at AED 249 on top of the cost of the buggy – this option can get expensive. Plus if you’re considering either brand for a newborn, the Nano’s Cocoon which makes bubs all cosy when the buggy is in lie-flat mode is WAY cheaper (AED399) than the Yoyo’s Nest (AED 899).


Heading somewhere warm mamas? Both buggys have a sun canopy to protect little heads (Nano’s is extendible, Yoyo’s offers UPF 50+ sun protection) – I suspect I’ll mainly be using mine to shelter from rain given that I’ll be in the UK – and if you plan on pushing through city streets or over hill and dale then the Yoyo has 4-wheel suspension while the Nano has built-in rear wheel suspension. No clue what that actually means? Me neither. So in basic terms, both are shock absorbing and will ensure a smooth ride but surprisingly it’s not the mountain buggy which is a better off-roader (despite its name!) – if that’s important to you and you’re planning on dune-bashing with baby. For errands around town, walks through the park or airport adventures, both brands are perfect.

And if you’re pushing about to try and get your tot to sleep (am not judging, whatever works right – sorry Gina Ford), both buggys can lie-flat with the cocoon or nest for newborn up to when little one is holding their head up (safely normally referred to as 6 months) and then have a sleep-easy 45 degree recline… but only the nano has a lift up calf rest for little legs to stretch out on.

Decisions, decisions. The nano and the yoyo are both amazing (seriously, life would have been so much easier if they’d existed when my kids were first born). But for me, the nano’s much lower price plus cooler look (yup, shallow I know) makes it win hands-down.

So maybe I won’t be that mad woman at the airport after all –  look out for the very relieved looking nano-pushing mama instead!


Mountain Buggy Nano costs from AED 1499 and is available in red, blue and black. With cocoon/newborn bundle, AED 1898

Babyzen yoyo costs from AED 2149 and is available in pink, taupe, blue, red and grey. With the newborn carrycot, AED 2890.

Both strollers are available online at with the VIP (Very Important Parent) service which includes Free next day delivery, assembly and in home demonstration.

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